9:00 a.m.-9:45 a.m.

The Changing Role of the Healthcare Chief Human Resources Officer: Current Realities and Future Direction

The role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is evolving—in hospitals health systems, academic medical centers, medical groups, payer organizations and other entities across the continuum of care. The role of CHROs is more important than ever as healthcare organizations (HCOs) confront the forces of consumerism, value-based care, technology decentralization and wellness. Driven by the C-Suite mandate to deliver on business and clinical performance and innovation, HCHROs are taking on new roles and responsibilities. They attract, retain and monitor talent, shape and build culture, develop and engage the workforce, and reinforce the healthcare employer’s brand. Most important, they accelerate clinical and business performance. For the HR execs who have joined the C-Suite, leadership, succession, diversity, mission, culture and team-building are more than trendy business concepts. They represent the CHRO’s identity, mission, and agenda.


How can CHROs develop the knowledge, skill and experience required to transition into 2020 champions of human capital management? Join us for an all-CHRO panel on the challenges and priorities of healthcare’s top talent management executives:

Among the issues we’ll cover:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing healthcare CHROs—from new market demands to regulatory pressures?   

  • How can CHROs address the mandate to innovate and transform healthcare?

  • What brand of leadership is now required of healthcare CHROs?   

  • Are CHROs the next go-to candidates for CEO positions? Assuring organizations acquire and develop the right talent to align with strategic priorities

  • How CHROs develop and support diversity, inclusion and gender equity  

  • Facilitating automation and access: from benefits, compensation and recruitment to performance appraisals

  • Prepare for ongoing change and disruption


Debbie Ritchie


Studer Group


Vicki Cansler

Chief Human Resources Officer

Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. 

Jim Dunn

System Chief Human Resources Officer

Atrium Health 

Richard Tyler

Chief Human Resources Officer

Conway Regional Medical Center