Concurrent Session

Commitment to Patient Experience: Best Practices in Mentoring, Leadership Development and Coaching to Support the Patient Experience

According to The Beryl Institute, patient experience is defined as "The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care." If your organization wants to provide a better patient experience that will also boost organizational business performance, the best place to start is with HR. From an HR standpoint, a commitment to patient experience involves hiring candidates who possess the skills and personal motivations necessary to provide the best possible patient care. HR teams can support patient care by creating programming for future and current employees that focuses on mentoring, leadership development, and coaching of best practices. Developing a workforce that receives continual training and development will help to ensure a patient-centered culture.


In this panel discussion you will learn what best practices your team can implement to make a lasting impact on patient satisfaction.  Key issues to be covered include:

  • The role of HR in continually improving the patient experience and developing customer loyalty

  • Developing training programs that aims to improve the patient experience

  • Creating a culture that places patient experience as a priority

  • Building programs that teach, develop, gauge, and reward positive behaviors that deliver superior care to patients

  • Implementing talent development strategies to deliver satisfaction to both staff and patients

  • The role of HR as a critical part in delivering a superior patient care and experience

  • Identifying and developing current and future healthcare leaders and facilitating better employee engagement


Katie Hebert

Chief Executive Officer

University Hospital and Clinics


Pam Belcher

Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Teri Fontenot

President and Chief Executive Officer

Woman's Hospital

Diane McNutt

Chief Talent Officer